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Thursday, October 30, 2014

"The Phillies Way" by John Powers Middleton

Ruben Amaro has released a new book via Phillies Publishing authored by John Powers Middleton
titled "The Phillies Way".

@johnmiddleton (He's on Twitter!) has stolen $6 Billion in television money from Phillies fans. In addition, the Phillies have cleared at least a billion dollars in profit since Citizens Bank Park opened.

We the fans of the Phillies MLB team sold out Citizens Bank Park, and while the ballpark was still sold out John Middleton nuked the outfield. The Phillies were also well aware that Roy Halladay was done. They had the MRI scans. They knew they needed to sign Yu Darvish or Zack Greinke, but they lied to us. Halladay signed a sweet, short contract that the Phillies had no trouble eating. They had already begun to plan the dismantlement of a five time division winning roster that actually began by pushing Jayson Werth out of town.

Hunter Pence was acquired with the full knowledge that he would be a rental to go for it one last time before they blew it up and began a fifteen year rebuild.

The Phillies know that it will take at least fifteen years. Their farm system is garbage. Every prospect rating outfit from Baseball America to Baseball Prospectus says so. The Phillies know that Maikel Franco and Cody Asche are Camden Riversharks, but they are telling the big lie to their fan base that these MLB frauds are a "new core".

Any Phillies fan who purchases a ticket is the enemy of real Phillies fans. Citizens Bank Park must be emptied completely. Fans need to picket outside the ballpark. Form a picket line of striking fans. Hurl insults at anyone who tries to cross this picket line.

Clare Betz kicked off with $2 Billion. This crook never bought us anything. Her remains should be dug up and defecated upon.

The same for Sally Buck, and James Mahlon Buck and his brother Alexander Buck. They were all worth multiple billions of dollars and they deliberately, and with great malice, defrauded us.

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