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Saturday, November 15, 2014


MLBTradeRumors has published an article on MLB teams payroll obligations. As we are being swamped with articles and podcasts from Philadelphia and national MLB media telling us how the Phillies are supposedly sunk by payroll obligations it is in fact easy to see for ourselves that these are massive LIES.

The Phillies are in the process of liquidating their payroll. In just a year and a half from today - 2016 season- the Phillies have only $76 million in payroll obligations.

Notice what happens the following year in 2017 - 2 1/2 years from today - the Phillies payroll is only $34 million! Their share of just the National TV money that every team receives is $50 million. That alone gives them a profit before the Comcast dollars are received, before the first sucker walks through the turnstiles, before the MLB merchandising dollars roll in.

Why focus on MLB, this SCAM stands out in the history of the USA as one of the biggest ever.

Want to see the SCAM that John Middleton is running on Phillies fans in color graph form? Here you go:

Look at this closely. Study it.

The Tampa Rays have more payroll obligations than the Phillies. Look up at the top of this color graph. The Cincinatti Reds dwarf the Phillies in payroll obligations. The Reds own the smallest market in MLB. The smallest media market in MLB dwarfs the fourth largest media market in MLB in payroll obligations.

Look at the Dodgers and Yankees, the Phillies true peer group. This is a scam unlike any other ever seen. Everyday we are pelted and smothered with new propaganda telling us the exact opposite of the truth about the Phillies. We are led to believe that the Phillies are buried by payroll obligations and unable to buy players to fix their team.

Well, look at the fraud in living color.

Here are your well kept pedophilies sitting behind talk radio microphones and posting click bait on Philly dot com where the most notorious, Bill Conlin plied his trade.

The Phillies should sign Hanley Ramirez, Max Scherzer and Jon Lester in addition to Yasmany Tomas (who is being inked purely for public relations reasons).

The felony fraud gets worse.

While we are being fed this "get younger" big lie, the best young talent available YOAN MONCADA - is not even mentioned in any article focused on the Phillies.

Look at him

Nineteen years old. A switch hitter with 30+ HR power. He plays an outstanding 2B, 3B and CF. Yon Moncada is a Cuban Mike Trout. A Cuban Bryce Harper. If the Phillies are trying to "get younger" then how is it not a forgone conclusion that Yoan Moncada will soon be a member of the Phillies organization?

Yet the name "Yoan Moncada" does not exist in the Philly media. Most people in any comments section have never heard of him. Those who have heard of Yoan Moncada admit that it is from reading my comments on this subject. The Philly media will not mention Yoan Moncada. It's as if someone has issued talking points about the Phillies to the media and told them not to mention Yoan Moncada.

Who could have issued these talking points? Who connected to the Phillies has such power and influence?


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