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Thursday, July 30, 2015

JOHN MIDDLETON Deals Cole Hamels for Pile of Dog Feces

So it has happened. He did it again. The bloodsucker who the Philly sports media told you for years was your savior, a "George Steinbrenner" just dealt yet another Cooperstown talent for the standard sack of crap that you always see head for the airport in deals like this.

John Middleton Phillies Hamels to Rangers trade

Let's quickly review the "work" of John Middleton again:

Curt Schilling
Scott Rolen
Bobby Abreu
Cliff Lee
Hunter Pence
Shane Victorino
Vicente Padilla

This is correct. Vicente Padilla is the total return for shipping out all those players. If Schilling was not hated by so many baseball writers he would have gone into Cooperstown on the first ballot. It was his "trade" that brought back Padilla. The rest yielded nothing.

Now we can add Cole Hamels to this list without adding anyone to the sum total of Vicente Padilla.

Jorge Alfaro

The prospect evaluators at Baseball America and their ilk will tell you never to scout a stat line. You know why they say that? Because if you do you don't need to pay for all the verbiage they produce and then they're unemployed. Really, the only time you can't scout the stat line is when everything is good.

That won't be a problem with Alfaro or the rest of this "haul".

Alfaro in AA this year: Nine walks and 61 strikeouts. A ratio of almost seven to one. Take a look around MLB at any successful hitter and see how many you can find with a ratio like that. Then consider that Alfaro is doing this in AA and he's 22 years old.

If you read the work of the prospect guys they'll tell you how Alfaro has awesome power. Well, he has five bombs in 207 plate appearances in AA. What they mean is that in batting practice he can hit the ball a long way. So can many guys in slow pitch softball leagues. The minors are full of guys with big batting practice power who can't connect in games.

The Phillies already have a catcher like this. His name is Cameron Rupp. Now they have two Cameron Rupps.

More bad news, and this is from the prospect guys at Baseball America themselves. They had Alfaro rated as the 54th best prospect in the minors before 2014. This year they downgraded Alfaro to 67th. If asked they will tell you that this is dependant on the talent as a whole, but this is bullshit. If you have followed their work for over a decade as I have then you know that no prospect goes backwards like this on the Top 100 list unless that player failed at the next level or showed no improvement. The later is the case with Alfaro who moved from low-A to high-A ball - not a tremendous jump - aging another year and showing no improvement at all.

Now it gets worse.

Alfaro has moved on to AA this year after 99 plate appearances late last season in AA and he is still the same guy as he was in those 99 plate appearances after aging another year.

In short, Alfaro has horrible plate discipline. He is crippled at the plate. This is a key component of hitting. You can't get better at the higher levels if you can't recognize bad pitches and take them. It's all downhill from here. The difference in this regard between AA and MLB is profound and Alfaro is challenged almost to the point of being overwhelmed in AA.

If Alfaro's defense improves he may have a year or two - on the Phillies - as a backup catcher to Cameron Rupp.

Nick Williams

Williams will turn 22 years old on September 8th. Before last year he made the Baseball America Top 100 list for the first time.

This year he didn't make the cut. Another guy who went south on the list that matters. However, this year he surprised a lot people by making some improvements at the plate in AA and he will likely crack the Top 100 lists this winter.

Williams is a "toolsy" Domonic Brown type of outfielder. He has all of Brown's flaws, maybe some more on defense than Brown does (Williams arm stinks while Brown has a cannon). Nick Williams is a soon to turn 22 year old project. If Nick Williams looked more like Darin Ruf than Domonic Brown he couldn't sniff the bottom of a Top Three Hundred list.

A .836 OPS at AA in 415 plate appearances is nothing to be excited over and in his chats this year Keith Law has not been excited about Nick Williams. Maybe in his writeup behind the pay wall he will try to put a shine on Williams so as not to alienate Phillies fans, but his true opinion on Williams is available in his chat transcripts.

The only other player in this criminal transaction is Jake Thompson, a RHP who the Rangers received in a deal with the Tigers. Thompson is 21 years old and has a decent MLB quality fastball and a good slider. He lacks command though and do I even need to write this for you? He's likely to end up in the bullpen, probably a 7th inning guy.

The others are so bad I won't even mention their names. It's better that way since you will never remember their names three years from today anyway. I'm not sure the Camden Riversharks would have much interest in them. Really, I'm not exaggerating their lack of ability. One of them is going nowhere and he's 24 years old. He has a mother who may still be alive and have an internet connection, why go down that road? None of this is his fault, he's an innocent swept up in the crime wave of John Middleton.

Oh yeah, and the Phillies took on the contract of Matt Harrison. This is a dead contract. Harrison essentially has a broken back. He has had three serious spinal operations. He should just go home and collect his money guaranteed on his deal. However, John Middleton doesn't have the decency to do that. Harrison will be put on the field as a Jerome Williams type of crash dummy to get shelled and help John Middleton get the first pick in the MLB draft - probably for at least the next three years, maybe longer than that (picking first in the draft I mean, Harrison will not be able to take the field for that long).

Putting Matt Harrison on the field should be considered a Human Rights violation. John Middleton is of course proud to have his picture taken with international War Criminal Condoleezza Rice so why would he blanch at putting a man with a broken back out on the field to be shelled?

Did the Rangers have any better prospects than this? ABSOLUTELY! And they told the Phillies to forget about them. So if the Rangers wouldn't give up Joey Gallo or even Nomar Mazara then why would the Phillies do the deal? Why would they not even insist on the lone pitching prospect the Rangers have in Alex Gonzalez?


John Middleton told his underlings who will take the rap for this crime to "Get Hamels out of here."

In 2017 the Phillies had one player under contract for that season. Just one. Can you guess his name?

Monday, June 29, 2015

JOHN MIDDLETON gives Phillies Fans the Finger

John Middleton June 29, 2015 Announces Andy MacPhail hiring
JOHN MIDDLETON June 29, 2015

I've waited a long time for this day. Finally the curtain lifted and the Wizard of Oz appeared in public for the first time as owner of the Phillies. He cleared up a lot too. There are no more questions or mysteries for anyone in the media - Philly or national MLB - to hide behind either.

Buster Olney, Jayson Stark, Jerry Crasnick, Ken Rosenthal and all those clowns in Philly pointing fingers at the crash dummies like Ed Wade, Ruben Amaro and so many hapless, helpless Phillies managers.

Now we KNOW.

As I've stated over and over again all along. It wasn't the crash dummies. The owners were not sleeping. They were not golfing. They were not out of touch. Everything the crash dummies were blamed for was the work of the guy pictured above, the guy who didn't think an 8,000 square foot mansion in Palm Beach was big enough for him so he bulldozed it and years later is still building his 17,000 plus square foot castle on that beach front lot.

So what does John Middleton have for us?

This is what todays press conference was. A mountain full of it.

John Middleton, Andy MacPhail, Pat Gallic June 29, 2015 Phillies
John Middleton, Andy MacPhail, Pat Gallic June 29, 2015 Phillies
The first two, the Phillies owner and his new Phillies President Andy MacPhail proved themselves to be master bullshit artists. I won't wast six words transcribing any of that stink pile, but I will pass on the meaning of it.

Matt Wieters, Justin Upton, Zack Greinke and David Price. They sure would look good in Phillies uniforms in 2016 wouldn't they? The Phillies have Cole Hamels and Aaron Nola is ready to come up now. Add another Harang guy and they have a five man rotation of a playoff contender with some backups on the farm. Giles and Papelbon have the eighth and ninth innings. Wieters and Upton with Maikel Franco and J.P. Crawford ready to debut at short stop. It's probably not a division winner, but it is a winning team and it could be turned into a division winner before the 2017 season.

Where's the problem? Well, look at the pictures above from the press conference. John Middleton kept saying that MacPhail would have all the resources necessary to make the Phillies a winner, but upon further questioning he then ruled out any big free agent acquisitions, actually placing a limit of two when in fact four will be available.

That's really disturbing. That answer by John Middleton told us that he is in no way a George Steinbrenner. George - if the Yankees were in the Phillies position - would definitely sign all four pictured above and would probably do several significant smaller moves as well given the Phillies situation.

This brings me back to Scott Rolen's press conference long ago when Rolen said the Phillies owners had "No commitment to win"

No Commitment to Win

John Middleton made that abundantly clear to me today. He is prepared to let the Phillies rack up many more 100 plus loss seasons so he can gather all the free players he needs to win ten years or more from today in the MLB draft.

This means that the Phillies next MVP or Cy Young Award winner may right now as you are reading this still be in elementary school.

Ryne Sandberg resigns as Phillies Manager

So even watching a Hall of Fame player who rode busses in the minors for years to get an opportunity to manage in MLB resign because he couldn't take facing this roster of mostly Camden Riversharks, with the memories of Scott Rolen still in mind, John Middleton let us know that he would not spend the Phillies insanely large revenues for stud players who would lift the Phillies from the ultimate cellar of worst team in MLB to respectability again.

Look over my blog and gaze upon John Middleton's Xanadu castle in Palm Beach. Follow the crazed, arrogant antics of his son @johnmiddleton on Twitter as he purchases more mansions and film production companies in Los Angeles with the money that Phillies fans have given to him to buy players such as I have pictured above.

Where is the FBI? Probably trying to figure out how to lock me up. John Middleton has permission to steal the world.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ryne Sandberg says "No Mas!"

Ryne Sandberg Resigns as manager of Phillies
Ryne Sandberg Resigns as manager of Phillies

It had to happen. Those of us with a three digit IQ knew it was coming the day Sandberg was hired. He seemed to be the only guy who didn't know what he was getting into. Charlie Manuel let everyone know what was wrong in his 2010 post game press conferences as the Phillies lost to the Giants. Charlie Manuel continued to let the truth out about the declining state of the Phillies while the media in Philadelphia and elsewhere ignored everything that was wrong with the franchise at the big league level and on their barren farm.

Look at those three on the podium. The guy in the middle looks like he died ten years ago and someone forgot to bury him. Pat Gillick expressed no emotion, said nothing until he was finally asked one question and his reply was "I can't comment on that".

Ruben Amaro sniffed an onion before going out on the podium and brought up tears. That or he realized that when the second manager under you is gone that means you are next. That said there is little chance of Amaro being removed from the Phillies Mafia. If he is it will be cosmetic and Amaro will appear elsewhere and continue to collect a large paycheck.

Ed Wade Phillies
Ed Wade
Remember Ed Wade? He was never unemployed, still isn't. He's been back with the Phillies since a few days after being canned as GM of the Astros.

Have you ever read a tell-all book by a former MLB GM? They're a part of the MLB Mafia and it has to be said that unlike other sports or show business, there is no media market for the tell-all rubbed the wrong way guy. Jose Canseco is nowhere to be found on ESPN Baseball Tonight. Canseco doesn't even show up on podcasts like Buster Olney.

So those mental defectives screaming for the firing of Amaro may well get Ed Wade as his replacement and everyone of them hating on Ruben Amaro was screaming for the firing of Ed Wade.

They're the same guy. It's like the guy inside the Phanatic suit, that's not the guy who was originally inside, he's been gone for a decade or more.

Where is this guy:

John S. Middleton, Phillies Owner
John S. Middleton

Why wasn't John S. Middleton up on the podium? Why is he nowhere to be seen, ever? The media tell us he is so passionate about the Phillies and John Middleton wants the Phillies to win. Yeah?


What is John Middleton Building?

The only name ever mentioned as an owner of the Phillies is that of John Middleton. The nick given for the those who own the Phillies is "Mysterious Owners, who of course are only mysterious because the media in Philadelphia and the national MLB media refuse to discuss them by name.

John S. Middleton, Phillies owner, Palm Beach Mansion

Here is John S. Middleton's little bungalow in Palm Beach, Florida. Those aren't a little kids toy trucks, those are the real kind. Mister Middleton is no fan of huge signing bonuses - Miakel Franco only received one hundred thousand dollars to sign - or big time free agent contracts - five million for Aaron Harang - but mansions that John Middleton is going to spend some time in, that's a completely different story.

John S. Middleton, Phillies owner, Palm Beach Mansion

Here's another view of the 17,000 plus square foot bungalow that John Middleton is building in Palm Beach. It may not be finished yet even though it has been under construction for about four years. It's bigger than all his neighbors.

John S. Middleton, Phillies owner, Palm Beach Mansion

If you scroll the picture to the left you can see two little people - like us - wearing white hard hats working diligently to get the smallest detail down to the exact specification desired by John S. Middleton.

John S. Middleton, Phillies owner, Palm Beach Mansion

I have an attic vent in my house that's corrugated metal.

I wasn't born a Middleton so that's all I deserve. That and my baseball team being turned into one of the worst teams in the history of Major League Baseball.

John S. Middleton, Phillies owner, Palm Beach Mansion

Here's yet another view. Don't forget to scroll to the left. Google did not design their blogging code to accomadate castles big enough to satisfy John S. Middleton.

John S. Middleton, Phillies owner, Palm Beach Mansion

Here is a rare interior shot. Don't mind all the wood, metal and wires. It will all be covered in Italian marble and trimmed in gold before John S. Middleton sees it.

John S. Middleton, Phillies owner, Palm Beach Mansion

It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

In case you were wondering where the $6 Billion in Comcast TV dollars was going or all those billions from Citizens Bank Park sellouts and concession sales, and the $50 million every year that MLB distributes to every team for the national TV contracts with ESPN, FOX Sports and TBS, or the $25 million plus for MLB dot com and the $20 million plus for MLB merchandising.

John S. Middleton, Phillies owner, Palm Beach Mansion

That's one of the swimming pools, this one is in back overlooking the ocean. If you have an ocean to swim in what do you need?

John S. Middleton, Phillies owner, Palm Beach Mansion

Look closely.

Can you see all the little people wearing white hard hats working diligently among the concrete and rebar to get everything just right, the way Mister Middleton expects it to be?

John S. Middleton, Phillies owner, Palm Beach Mansion

I don't know what this is, but it's bigger than my house and looks like it is designed to keep out an invading viking army, but I'm sure it's you and me that Mister Middleton wants to keep far away.

Monday, March 30, 2015

What does "Free_AEC" Stand For?

There has been a lot of confusion and misinformation disseminated over the Internet about me for many years. This blog is about the Phillies and I will not address issues about myself here. However, I do have a personal blog that will answer many questions. This blog has not been updated for a long time due to ongoing litigation issues with the United States Government. I will not address any of that here, nor will I address any of this in any baseball discussion forum. Any effort to engage me in any comment section will be ignored on any subject unrelated to baseball.

This is not difficult to grasp. Don't make things difficult on yourself by pretending not to understand. I can be engaged and contacted via my personal blog which is

That's called a link. You click on it with your pointing thing. 

Give it a try. I know you can do it.

Just in case you can't here's a screenshot of my blog. Click on the screenshot and it will take you to my blog and you can read about Allan Eric Carlson.

Allan Eric Carlson felon

Gee, I wonder what "Free_AEC" stands for? It's so difficult to figure out.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

What Jimmy Rollins Farewell Letter Tells Us About John Middleton

You notice who is not mentioned in Jimmy Rollins letter?

John Middleton


Neither father nor son (@johnmiddleton He's on Twitter! ! !)

No one from the Betz family. No one from the Buck family. The players had to wear patches on their uniforms for Claire Betz and others when they passed on, but Jimmy does not mention them.

That tells you everything you need to know about who owns the Phillies and what they really care about. Even one of the most infamous MLB owners in many of our lifetimes, Marge Schott, was not unknown to her players. Sure many of them wish she had been a "mystery" to them, but she did care about the team. None of the people who despised her doubted that whether players, fans or MLB writers.

No one has ever seen John Middleton at Citizens Bank Park. No one from the other families (crime?) are ever seen at CBP. Clearly the players do not know them. Jimmy Rollins mentioned everyone of consequence in his letter who had impacted him, and as we can see, in the 18 years he spent as an "iconic player" no one in the ownership of the Phillies made any impression on him.

How many times have we watched Bill Giles hand the NL Trophy to a team not named "Phillies" in October (you noticed he skipped this year?)? Bill Giles father was the President of the National League. It was this connection - that Bill Giles was born with - that allowed Giles to assemble this group of billionaires in the Philadelphia area to purchase the Phillies and take a 15% cut of the ownership as a commission for doing so. 

Mentions of Bill Giles in Jimmy Rollins letter?


I don't get to watch other local TV coverage for MLB teams but I've seen Mike Ilitch watching his Tigers many times. I've seen John Henry watching his Red Sox. Hal Steinbrenner, the son of George, holds press conferences to address the Yankees on-field issues. I've seen Mark Walter in the stands at Dodger stadium high-fiving other Dodgers fans as the Dodgers score runs.

Yet I've never seen John Middleton at a Phillies game. The cameras sweep the entirety of Citizens Bank Park 81 times per year on Comcast SportsNet (CSN). Yet John Middleton is never in focus during a Phillies game. We are treated to interviews (really annoying too) by Greg Murphy of all manner of celebrities during Phillies games, but John Middleton is never one of those interviews. Neither is any member of the Betz or Buck families. 

I would like to thank Jimmy Rollins as a Phillies fan for not only all the great years of baseball, but for what he said after the 2014 season ended when he challenged these owners of the Phillies to spend money, to shop the open markets and buy the players needed to make the Phillies a winner again.

Of course, the rest of the MLB media both in Philadelphia and nationally ignored this Jim Salisbury bylined article full of spot on quotes from Jimmy Rollins. Oh Salisbury is a fixture at the rumors site, but not this article. 

No, every professional and wannabe professional MLB writer knows who and what the Phillies owners are, and all of these well kept folks (blackmailable?) know better than to go against the wind being blown from the lungs of John Middleton. These writers have never mentioned John Powers Middleton being on Twitter (@johnmiddleton). They never will. They pretend to not know that J.P. Middleton exists. 

BILL CONLIN Philadelphia Daily News

You won't read one article about the missing Phillies owners in Jimmy Rollins farewell letter. Every sports media outlet -local and national- provides cover for the bloodsuckers who are robbing the Phillies fan base of their money.  The Dodgers and Angels celebrated their new TV deals by purchasing division titles, and now the Dodgers spent the most money in MLB on their front office to remake their roster to advance further in the playoffs and to remain a playoff team every year.

Oh, and the Dodgers payroll is still sky high, and the Dodgers are paying a lot of taxes on that payroll, something which the Phillies have never done. That's correct, the Phillies have never paid one dollar of payroll tax.

John Middleton? Well, John Middleton celebrated the Phillies $6 Billion TV deal with Comcast by announcing a rebuild, apparently from the ground up, the fifteen year kind of rebuild where the big club has no payroll and all the TV dollars and other revenue streams distributed by the Commissioners Office go straight into John Middleton's bank accounts. 

Rusney Castillo was rumored to be signed by the Phillies, but it was the Red Sox who paid Castillo $72 million to sign. Hanley Ramirez or Pablo Sandoval would have looked great in a Phillies uniform playing third base, but it was the Red Sox who signed both.

Refresh my memory, was it the Red Sox who signed a $6 Billion TV deal or was it the Phillies?

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *



That's it.

These two are the only impact free agents signed by this Phillies ownership group in 34 years. You would think looking at this that the Phillies must be located in a rural, mountainous suburb of Pittsburgh rather than the fourth largest market in the USA.


Where are the perp walks by the FBI for John Middleton, John Powers Middleton and the Betz and Buck families?

John Powers Middleton wearing Dodger Cap 2014

Look at this picture. This is an unaltered screen grab from the Twitter account of John Powers Middleton just hours ago. Read the text. "Gangsta"

Yes sir. "Gangsta" He stole our money.  We the Phillies fan base sold out Citizens Bank Park. We the Phillies fan base delivered the highest attendance in MLB to the Phillies for two straight years (2011 and 2012). 

How did the Phillies get a $6 Billion TV deal? The Phillies fans delivered the Phillies the highest local TV ratings in all of MLB. 

So how do we the Phillies fans get compensated for this? Why we get a fifteen year rebuild!

Yeah, John Powers Middleton, he be Gangsta baby!

And what about John S. Middleton the father? What's he doing to occupy his time? Turns out he's a busy man. John S. Middleton isn't building a winning baseball team in Philadelphia with all those billions of dollars we Phillies fans gave him, but he is building something in Palm Beach, Florida.

Something really big!

Down in the lower right corner of this picture you can see a wave rolling in. You can also see that John Middleton's little bungalow is bigger than his Palm Beach neighbors little shacks. Oh the property wasn't a vacant lot either, no there was an 8,000+ square foot mansion on the property when John Middleton bought it in 2010. It was not the biggest mansion on the block though and a little 8,000 square foot mansion is like a little A-frame mountain retreat to someone like John Middleton so that had to go. In came the bulldozers while the architect got busy planning this 17,000+ square foot mega-mansion. 

More on this later.

I'm still trying to digest the greatest SS in Phillies history being shipped out of town to John Powers Middleton's favorite team in his city for two "prospects" who look like they'll be playing for the Camden Riversharks five years from today.

But hey, that puts another ten million dollars in John Middleton's bank account. The annual property taxes on what you're looking at above in Palm Beach are currently $432,000. 

How much would your house sell for?

John Powers Middleton

Yeah Derek, he did Jimmy like that. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014


So here's what is both available and coincidently for the roster deprived Philadelphia Phillies (alleged ) MLB team, what the Phillies need:


So what is John Powers Middleton actually buying with our money? Well let's check out his Twitter account from last night:

The Phillies coming off signing their $6 Billion TV deal with Comcast and selling pairs of season tickets for $13,000 are buying us nothing, while in Hollywood, and Malibu, John Powers Middleton is buying movie studios and buying ÂSS.

I have no doubt this thief won't even have the decency to release a sex tape of himself and Summer Rae. No, John Powers Middleton actually expects us to watch that roster of Camden Riversharks wearing Phillies uniforms. Not only watch it, but pay $13,000 for tickets to watch this felony fraud.