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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Free_AEC has been removed from Twitter.

Here are screenshots of tweets made to me from John Powers Middleton ( @johnmiddleton). They of course come in reverse order so read bottom to top.

I found this one morning. Apparently this was triggered by a retweet the previous evening from a bizarre Twitter account composed of retweets.

I then sent a tweet to @johnmiddleton which he responded to directly and then favorited.

If you were holding out hope for a Yankees style buying spree to celebrate the Phillies $6 Billion TV deal with Comcast then you can go ahead and cancel your season tickets. The Middletons are back stabbers and bloodsuckers.

The war with Scott Boras continues. A new war is waged against Rusney Castillo's agent Jay Z, and the buscones in the Dominican Republic and their counterparts in Venezuela are in the crosshairs as surely was my Twitter account.

If you enjoyed the Phillies 2014 season then you're going to be thrilled with what they have for you in 2015, which will be year four of the Phillies 20 year rebuild to be conducted exclusively through the MLB plantation slave draft.

Throw your arm up in the Roman salute to your leader John Powers Middleton.

Let's not forget Dad - John S. Middleton - and his war criminal girlfriend Condoleezza Rice either.


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