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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Are PHILLIES Planning a TEN YEAR Four Billion Dollar RIPOFF?

As the news hit of the Phillies new TV deal it was craftily revealed that the PHILLIES have been pulling in HUGE TV dollars all along.

All that was previously reported - especially by that fat pedophile BILL CONLIN - is the CASH FEE that Comcast paid the Phillies directly. That is $35 million every year. Turns out this is like the naming rights fee paid to the Phillies by Citizen’s Bank. The Phillies sell and receive all the advertising revenue from their TV broadcasts according to David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News. 

All those ads from car manufacturers, Apple, Samsung. That’s all Phillies money. That’s the whole deal there. The Phillies not only own their TV broadcast they get paid $35 million annually just so Comcast can put their name all over it and draw in some viewers for their pre & post game shows. 

The new TV deal raises the annual cash payment to at least $100 million, plus advertisement revenues AND an equity stake in NBC Universal. The Dodgers much hyped deal is for cash. The value of those payments decreases with time as dollars become less valuable. The Phillies deal is NOT frozen as they get advertisement revenues which go up and the equity stake should also increase over the course of the 25 years. 

The advertisement revenues are the core of the deal. Without producing complete copies of the contract between NBC Universal and the Phillies no one can claim the Phillies are not Major League Baseball’s richest team. 

On Sunday January 12, 2014 Matt Gelb reported in the Inquirer that as I had been stating on Twitter from day one of the announcement, the deal is worth at least twice the reported $2.5 Billion price, probably SIX BILLION DOLLARS. The cash portion of the deal is subject to a 34% revenue sharing tax. That’s where the Dodgers went wrong. Their deal is all cash and all taxable to the Commissioners Office. The other half of the Phillies deal is the Equity stake and the advertising dollars which are not taxable. The Phillies keep it all. That part of the deal is also INFLATION PROOF. Not only is the Phillies deal on the same plane as the Dodgers now, but ten years from now the Phillies deal is likely to be worth MORE than the Dodgers. 

So why did the Phillies sit out the free agent market…again?

I mean it’s not bad enough the Phillies finished 73 - 89 last year. No they were actually LUCKY to finish that well. Their Run Differential predicted a 66 - 96 finish for them.

This Phillies roster looks more like the Camden Riversharks than a big market MLB team. 

Why do the Phillies look like they are preparing to live FAT off of TV revenues and perhaps more REVENUE SHARING from the Commissioners Office?

Like the Phillies did before.

Just 13 years ago at the Vet. 

You remember that. Curt Schilling screaming to get out of town so he could win.

As Cliff Lee is doing now.

Scott Rolen then holding a press conference to trash the Phillies invisible ownership for “lack of commitment to win”. Rolen was then shipped to St. Louis, where he won a ring with the Cardinals in 2006. Schilling won three rings elsewhere. 

Curt Schilling
Scott Rolen
Jonathan Papelbon
Cliff Lee

I don’t remember any other MLB team holding stud players hostage like this and they in turn screaming to get out in public. 

And this is happening 13 years apart.

After a new ballpark was built for the Phillies with tax payer money.

This isn’t baseball. It’s ORGANIZED CRIME. 

Celebrating Ben Wetzler "pinch"

And let’s not mention BEN WETZLER again.


Remember the end of last season, after we endured a farcical team with a roster loaded with Camden Riversharks dressed as Phillies players. We thought “well at least the Phillies first round pick is protected”.

David Montgomery is still laughing at us. Shin-Soo Choo is a Ranger. Jacoby Ellsbury is a Yankee. Brian McCann is a Yankee. 

Only three MLB teams out of thirty scored fewer runs than the Phillies in 2013. 

While the Phillies are one of those ten MLB teams with a protected first round pick, the Phillies are the only one of those ten teams that told their fan base before the 2013 season began that they were a “Championship team”

That is FRAUD.

No one in the Phillies organization thought the 2013 edition of the team was capable of making the playoffs.

If an art dealer tells you a copy of a Van Gogh painting is the real deal it’s FRAUD and the dealer goes to PRISON.

The Phillies LIED to the public to sell millions of dollars in tickets and food at Citizen’s Bank Park.

Where’s the PERP WALK?

And David Montgomery continues to laugh at us. He tells Ruben Amaro to work on his smirk. Montgomery has turned Amaro into a smirking WWE “Bad Guy”. 

And the Philly and MLB media sells the Amaro big lie to us. 

ED WADE is still here.

PAT GILLICK never left.

Wade and Gillick are both highly paid Assistant GM’s to Amaro. 

When Amaro is finally “fired” he will end up as another Assistant GM to whoever is the next GM.

Along with lying about the TV money the Philly media will soon go full out to “fire” Amaro. They will resurrect their “Next GM has to be from outside the organization”.

Yeah, like Pat Gillick, who is now a “made guy” in the Phillies organized crime OUTFIT. 






What the Philly media will never do is call for a BOYCOTT of the Phillies. Never demand a return of the hundreds of millions in taxpayer money given to these criminals to build Citizens Bank Park. Never call for a BOYCOTT of Citizens Bank and all Phillies advertisers

I’ll save you the trouble of wondering what the Phillies “next” GM will think, what his “strategy” will be.

How many major Free Agent players have the Phillies signed in the thirty-two year history of this ownership group?


Jim Thome and Cliff Lee.

That’s one big time free agent every sixteen years. The next Phillies GM won’t see any problem with that.

And Cliff Lee wasn’t even a “clean” big time free agent. He was only gone one year from the Phillies roster.

Jim Thome was signed only to cover the Phillies epic fail with Scott Rolen who called a press conference to denounce the Phillies owners for having


The video of Scott Rolen’s press conference has been hidden from the public twice as long as the Zapruder film was. Eighteen year old Phillies’ fans have never seen Rolen’s press conference. A transcript of it does not even exist on the Internet (Google it). 

BILL GILES father was the President of the National League. Back then there was no free agency. Star players were mocked by owners when they attempted to hold out for more money. There was no way out and that’s how Bill Giles believes it should be.

The Phillies would not pay Jayson Werth, Shane Victorino or Hunter Pence. That would have been a great outfield in 2013. The Phillies could have been close to a wild card berth with them. Sign Masahiro Tanaka and another of the quality starters available and there you go, playoff team in 2014.

Phillies fans are dreaming of Giancarlo Stanton and Mike Trout.

Trout will require a contract far more than Pence, Victorino and Werth cost together. Maybe twice as much. Stanton will cost more than those three former Phillies outfielders as well.

Then there is the biggest hurdle.


Bill Giles believes if you pull down Mike Trout’s pants you will see tattooed on Trout’s ass “Property of Arte Moreno”

Same goes for Giancarlo Stanton except Jeffrey Loria is the owner of Stanton. 

Bill Giles believes MLB players are like slaves sold at auction. Once a MLB plantation owner has that player under control he should never be able to free himself unless that owner gives his consent. 

Unless Bill Giles dies before Stanton and Trout hit the free agent market there is no chance of either let alone both being signed by the Phillies. 

How many Scott Boras players have the Phillies signed….ever?


Scott Boras is the face of the free agent market, exactly what Bill Giles believes should not exist. 

The next Phillies GM is going to hate Scott Boras as well. You can bet your families life on that. 

The “Phillies GM” is a SCAM. A scam run by the Philly and MLB media on the public. 

David Montgomery has been the Phillies GM ever since he “replaced” Bill Giles as President and CEO.

John Gotti claimed he was just a “plumbing parts salesman”. David Montgomery claims he “just runs the finances and has nothing to do with the Phillies roster”. 

Whoever controls the money runs the business. The Phillies business is managed by David Montgomery who answers to John S. Middleton who has over four billion dollars in cash. 

Amaro, Wade and Gillick have lifetime employment. They get paid and they keep quiet about what they know. MLB General Managers never write tell all books. They do not do so because their paychecks never stop posting. 

The major issue we are dealing with as Phillies fans is the institutional corruption of the Philly media which will not oversee a BOYCOTT of the Phillies which would force them to change how they run the team. 

The Plan

So what is stopping the Phillies from doing what the Astros have done? You know the Astros, they are the Phillies favorite trade partner, the team Ed Wade was last GM for before he returned to the Phillies. What’s stopping the Phillies from just moving everyone and playing farm guys at the MLB minimum salary while they “rebuild”?


In fact, the Philly media is setting the table for the Phillies to feast off the blood of Phillies fans for TEN YEARS.

The Philly and MLB media is bashing the Phillies for being “old”. 

What a perfect setup. The Phillies farm system has very little talent, but their farm - like all 30 MLB teams farm systems - is loaded with young guys. Why not bring them all up? Just clear out all the money and lose over a 100 games.

Just like the Astros

Phans money in the front door

And while doing so the Phillies can feast on over a $100 million in yearly cash payments from NBC Universal, over $50 million per year in national TV money and whatever they can get from suckers still willing to buy a ticket and advertise on TV for games that few are watching. MLB minimum salaried payrolls are $13 million per year. A ten year rebuild in Mafia Burnout fashion could yield the Phillies more than $150 million per year in profit.

Werth, Victorino & Pence out the backdoor

The Dodgers recently sold for $2 billion. Ten years from now the Phillies could easily get that just off their market size and the rise in value of MLB franchises. They could get three billion. And running their Mafia Burnout plan on the payroll could yield them significantly more than an additional billion dollars.

John S. Middleton and his criminal crew might ripoff the Philadelphia market for over four billion dollars in the next ten years alone to go with the blood they have sucked out of us already. 
Now set a match to it

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  1. I miss Ruly Carpenter. He and Paul Owens did whatever it took to win, i.e. signing Pete Rose, hiring top notch scouts and spending big on the farm system. When was the last time Giles, Middleton and company did that? Never! Why doesn't the spineless Philly media call these guys out? I remember Barry Bonds ripping the Phillies ownership in 1997. Think whatever you want of Bonds, but he was embarrassed for Phillies fans.

    Philadelphia is the fourth largest market in the United States and we should be signing top free agents and the top players from Japan, Cuba and the rest of South America. Boston rebuilds in one offseason signing free agents and international players. We get Obudel Herrera, a reject from Texas.

    Our farm system is barren and spending is at the very bottom of all 30 teams in MLB. A far cry from the 1970's and early 80's when the Phillies farm system was the envy of all MLB and we signed the top prospects from South America. Today, the Philly media touts Cody Asche as a superstar in the making, while the rest of the nation laughs at us.