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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ryne Sandberg says "No Mas!"

Ryne Sandberg Resigns as manager of Phillies
Ryne Sandberg Resigns as manager of Phillies

It had to happen. Those of us with a three digit IQ knew it was coming the day Sandberg was hired. He seemed to be the only guy who didn't know what he was getting into. Charlie Manuel let everyone know what was wrong in his 2010 post game press conferences as the Phillies lost to the Giants. Charlie Manuel continued to let the truth out about the declining state of the Phillies while the media in Philadelphia and elsewhere ignored everything that was wrong with the franchise at the big league level and on their barren farm.

Look at those three on the podium. The guy in the middle looks like he died ten years ago and someone forgot to bury him. Pat Gillick expressed no emotion, said nothing until he was finally asked one question and his reply was "I can't comment on that".

Ruben Amaro sniffed an onion before going out on the podium and brought up tears. That or he realized that when the second manager under you is gone that means you are next. That said there is little chance of Amaro being removed from the Phillies Mafia. If he is it will be cosmetic and Amaro will appear elsewhere and continue to collect a large paycheck.

Ed Wade Phillies
Ed Wade
Remember Ed Wade? He was never unemployed, still isn't. He's been back with the Phillies since a few days after being canned as GM of the Astros.

Have you ever read a tell-all book by a former MLB GM? They're a part of the MLB Mafia and it has to be said that unlike other sports or show business, there is no media market for the tell-all rubbed the wrong way guy. Jose Canseco is nowhere to be found on ESPN Baseball Tonight. Canseco doesn't even show up on podcasts like Buster Olney.

So those mental defectives screaming for the firing of Amaro may well get Ed Wade as his replacement and everyone of them hating on Ruben Amaro was screaming for the firing of Ed Wade.

They're the same guy. It's like the guy inside the Phanatic suit, that's not the guy who was originally inside, he's been gone for a decade or more.

Where is this guy:

John S. Middleton, Phillies Owner
John S. Middleton

Why wasn't John S. Middleton up on the podium? Why is he nowhere to be seen, ever? The media tell us he is so passionate about the Phillies and John Middleton wants the Phillies to win. Yeah?


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