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Monday, June 29, 2015

JOHN MIDDLETON gives Phillies Fans the Finger

John Middleton June 29, 2015 Announces Andy MacPhail hiring
JOHN MIDDLETON June 29, 2015

I've waited a long time for this day. Finally the curtain lifted and the Wizard of Oz appeared in public for the first time as owner of the Phillies. He cleared up a lot too. There are no more questions or mysteries for anyone in the media - Philly or national MLB - to hide behind either.

Buster Olney, Jayson Stark, Jerry Crasnick, Ken Rosenthal and all those clowns in Philly pointing fingers at the crash dummies like Ed Wade, Ruben Amaro and so many hapless, helpless Phillies managers.

Now we KNOW.

As I've stated over and over again all along. It wasn't the crash dummies. The owners were not sleeping. They were not golfing. They were not out of touch. Everything the crash dummies were blamed for was the work of the guy pictured above, the guy who didn't think an 8,000 square foot mansion in Palm Beach was big enough for him so he bulldozed it and years later is still building his 17,000 plus square foot castle on that beach front lot.

So what does John Middleton have for us?

This is what todays press conference was. A mountain full of it.

John Middleton, Andy MacPhail, Pat Gallic June 29, 2015 Phillies
John Middleton, Andy MacPhail, Pat Gallic June 29, 2015 Phillies
The first two, the Phillies owner and his new Phillies President Andy MacPhail proved themselves to be master bullshit artists. I won't wast six words transcribing any of that stink pile, but I will pass on the meaning of it.

Matt Wieters, Justin Upton, Zack Greinke and David Price. They sure would look good in Phillies uniforms in 2016 wouldn't they? The Phillies have Cole Hamels and Aaron Nola is ready to come up now. Add another Harang guy and they have a five man rotation of a playoff contender with some backups on the farm. Giles and Papelbon have the eighth and ninth innings. Wieters and Upton with Maikel Franco and J.P. Crawford ready to debut at short stop. It's probably not a division winner, but it is a winning team and it could be turned into a division winner before the 2017 season.

Where's the problem? Well, look at the pictures above from the press conference. John Middleton kept saying that MacPhail would have all the resources necessary to make the Phillies a winner, but upon further questioning he then ruled out any big free agent acquisitions, actually placing a limit of two when in fact four will be available.

That's really disturbing. That answer by John Middleton told us that he is in no way a George Steinbrenner. George - if the Yankees were in the Phillies position - would definitely sign all four pictured above and would probably do several significant smaller moves as well given the Phillies situation.

This brings me back to Scott Rolen's press conference long ago when Rolen said the Phillies owners had "No commitment to win"

No Commitment to Win

John Middleton made that abundantly clear to me today. He is prepared to let the Phillies rack up many more 100 plus loss seasons so he can gather all the free players he needs to win ten years or more from today in the MLB draft.

This means that the Phillies next MVP or Cy Young Award winner may right now as you are reading this still be in elementary school.

Ryne Sandberg resigns as Phillies Manager

So even watching a Hall of Fame player who rode busses in the minors for years to get an opportunity to manage in MLB resign because he couldn't take facing this roster of mostly Camden Riversharks, with the memories of Scott Rolen still in mind, John Middleton let us know that he would not spend the Phillies insanely large revenues for stud players who would lift the Phillies from the ultimate cellar of worst team in MLB to respectability again.

Look over my blog and gaze upon John Middleton's Xanadu castle in Palm Beach. Follow the crazed, arrogant antics of his son @johnmiddleton on Twitter as he purchases more mansions and film production companies in Los Angeles with the money that Phillies fans have given to him to buy players such as I have pictured above.

Where is the FBI? Probably trying to figure out how to lock me up. John Middleton has permission to steal the world.


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